Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello dear readers :)

It's friday again, and that means weekend. Well not for me as I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm actually kinda glad that I'll be working as that means paycheck eventually, and it fits my schedule best at the moment to work at the staturday. As you all knows (probably) I'm currently in the process for trying to find a new job. So far I haven't gotten anything.

Today I not only got one but two packages at the post office. One from look and one from Will update with pictures later.

I'm actually looking forward to fall now, I'm sorry you all, but I think atleast here where I live the summer is over. Sadly but true. I can't wait till the normal everyday rutine sets in again. I wanna have a steady income and a normal schedule.

Have a wonderful friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend, think about all the possibilities which is ahead of you. Use the chances you get to do something good to someone else. Especially if you get a chance to do it without getting a thank you back, cause even though you don't get a credit for it, its a unselfish act. To someone it might be to hard to accept help if they have to be the "weak one who always needs help". Know what I mean?


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