Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

updated blog

As you probably have seen my blog have been updated lately. I've changed the header (the picture is from Triumph arc) and I've updated some pictures from my paris trip enjoy

pictures from Paris part II

The two first pictures is take by night time in The Latin Quarter and the two bottom ones are from the Tuileries garden. (It is in this neighbourhood that Beyonce and Jay Z is staying). The garden or park as we probably would have said in english is right next to Louvre and on the way to champs Elysess. I recommed you eat lunch here if you are in Paris. If it's sunny it's amazing just sitting there and people watch.

The Latin Quarter is more cozy and have a artsy feeling. I took lots of pictures there (I felt like a papparazzi). Everything was small and quirky. You should visit this neighbourhood if you ever go to Paris

Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie review: Rio

The weekend before I left for Paris I went to the movies and saw RIO.  I wanted to see this movie because it's light hearted humour, and I wasn't in the mood for a movie which required much thinking.  I usually love animated movies, so I had big expectations for this movies.

It took a little this movie a while to establish the story. Both me and my friend I saw this movie with though that this movie could very easily be shortened. After the bird gets to RIO the movie gets better. I especially liked Will I AMs character.

Go see this movie if you usually like animated movies like Ice Age, Madagascar and Despicable Me.

This isn't the best animated movie I'd seen, but the 3D was good. The scene where they fly past the jesus statue in Rio is amazing ( I bent over because I felt Jesus was gonna poke me lol, I'd never done that in a movie before)

a picture from the movie


Easter holiday

Today is the last day of my Easter holiday. It's gonna be lovely actually when regular life starts again (sorry guys). But the stores have been closed for the last couple of days here, and I wanna go out and buy food. Today I've been having a The O.C marathon. Right now I'm watching A night out with the bsb. I love that dvd. You should get if you don't have it. The music is accustic and the boys sings a bit acappella. I love the music in a different form. I think that if we're honest with ourself these days, not all backstreet music rocks anymore. But this video is still amazing and it shows what a group of talented singers they really are. I wish they would do a a night out with bsb part II. I don't understand why they have left so many of their songs in the dustbin, and kept some which should be retired a long time ago. 10 000 promises is amazing and so is If I don't have you.

inside the Louvre

As you can see there were lots of people at Louvre the day we were there, when we left there were even more people.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


spring date part II


The Eiffel tower

I went to see the Eiffel Tower on the evening, which was really cool. But the queues were long, so If you're planning on visiting the tower I recommed that you go there early or order tickets before you go to Paris. The tower is really beautiful in the dark.

The Eiffel tower is just one of those attractions which you wanna see atleast once in a lifetime, so I'm happy I got to see it. Maybe if I ever go there again in the future I'll go to the top during the day. And for those of you who are afraid of heights (like me) it really wasn't scary.

shopping from my resent trip

I didn't buy that much when I was in Paris but I did offcourse buy a little. I wish I had more days there (and more money) for shopping. There was so much to see that I hardly had time for actually shopping. I did buy some cosmetics. I've used the clinique product before but not the lip gloss (Juicy tubes) I looooooovee it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here are some more pictures I took in Paris. We visited the Louvre. Offcourse we wanted to see Mona Lisa. I knew before hand that the picture was small. I'll post some pictures later so that you can see how small it is.

Paris shopping

Here's a link to one of the stores I loved in Paris. It's called Naf Naf Paris. It has one branch on Champs Elysee.

Naf Naf

My trip to Paris

I'm back from Paris. It was wonderful. I so wanna go back. I loved everything. I'll post  more pictures later, but it takes so much time uploading them. And I don't have time for it right now. The pictures I have posted is from a commercial about a limited edition Coca Cola light Karl Lagerfeld edition. Very chich. Lots of tourists took pictures of it. The other pictures is from the glas pyramide outside Louvre.