Tuesday, August 16, 2011

random ramblings Tuesday afternoon

Hi dear readers

Something or the other happend yesterday cause I got more traffic yesterday than I've had like the last week combined. Thank you to all of you who come to read my blog. I know it's really unprofessional at the moment, and it might lack structure, but I'm trying to update as often as possible. And offcourse learn more and more about blogging. On thursday I'm actually going on a photography class. Hopefully I'll learn something there which  can make my blog better.

Right now I've sent out today's job applications. Most schools will start after the long break this week or the next, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get something, even a few substitue classes then. Please keep me in your prayers.

Earlier today I've been cleaning in my apartment. No matter how much I clean, it never seens like it's going to be neat and organized. Hopefully someday :)

I hope all of you will have a wonderful tuesday, and rememeber that even if everything in your life doesn't seems organized and neat today like you want it to be. Someday you will see the reason for the mess ;)


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