Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie review: Rio

The weekend before I left for Paris I went to the movies and saw RIO.  I wanted to see this movie because it's light hearted humour, and I wasn't in the mood for a movie which required much thinking.  I usually love animated movies, so I had big expectations for this movies.

It took a little this movie a while to establish the story. Both me and my friend I saw this movie with though that this movie could very easily be shortened. After the bird gets to RIO the movie gets better. I especially liked Will I AMs character.

Go see this movie if you usually like animated movies like Ice Age, Madagascar and Despicable Me.

This isn't the best animated movie I'd seen, but the 3D was good. The scene where they fly past the jesus statue in Rio is amazing ( I bent over because I felt Jesus was gonna poke me lol, I'd never done that in a movie before)

a picture from the movie


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