Thursday, August 11, 2011

Job application writting day three

Hello dear readers

It is today my third day of job application writting. I've sent out six applications, and I've gotten one positive feedback. I guess it's something, and it's probably just me being silly, these things take time, but I just wish I already know had a job. That I had a job to go to on Monday. I'm so ready to start working as a teacher. I can't wait to get my own class and my own desk. I'm browsing stationary stuff and the store everyday, dreaming of what to buy.. 
On the sidenote, a positive that is.. today it's beautiful here. You can get a tan if you sit outside for like an hour. Unfortunately I live on the windy side of the city.

Tomorrow I'll be back at work. I miss my colleges and I look forward to see them

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.. remember even if you have to write job applications day out day in for the next couple of weeks.. one day just one day the dream job is out there waiting for YOU

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