Saturday, May 21, 2011

Halt the salt day four

I really wanted to buy potatochips today. It's saturday, and I always buy something unhealthy on the saturdays, it's my treatday. But I resisted the urge to buy it (I bought a little piece of peanutcake though, but I was really disapointed in it, I won't waste my calorie intake on that one again) Today I'm reading for my exam (again) and trying to clean a bit in my apartment at the same time.

Update more later

Ps: tomorrow is weighin day

Friday, May 20, 2011

Halt the salt day III

The picture at the top is my breakfast this morning. The two pictures in the middle is of my lunch today, and the bottom picture is of some of the stuff I bought yesterday. 

Today it's day three of my halt the salt day. So far so good. I went to the store yesterday, and had a difficult time shopping. As previous metioned I really wanted to buy the easy fast food options. But I did buy some healthy options, and I'm proud of myself. baby steps baby steps.

I took a lots of pictures yesterday, will update them later today

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Halt the Salt day 2

I haven't noticed any changes in my life so far. I'm in a really stressfull periode of my life so that's what I'm thinking of mostly. I have work, and exams, parties to attend (bachelorette parties, two) and one wedding. I've been kind low of money lately so that's been really stressfull as well. Today I got some stress ecezema on my hand which is bothering me, but probably something I should expect with my lifestyle. I hope I can manage to keep my diet even though it's a stressfull time of my life. I've noticed that it's easier for me to let my diet go bazinga when I'm busy, because I wanna have food the moment I get home, so I buy something takeaway or frozen dinner etc. (long sentence)

It felt good throwing away the food yesterday buy the way :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Halt the Salt day 1

So here's what I did the first day:

Picture number one is food I had in my cabinets that I got rid of. Food on the bottom is salty food I've decided to keep. The soysauce I bought today and it's 43% less salt.How much salt do the original one have?

Halt the Salt

I watched the doctors today and I was inspired to change something in my life. I'm gonna reduce the daily intake I have from sodium. I know I'm in the group which should watch my daily intake on colestrol and salt, because it runs in my family. I'm gonna keep you all updated. I'm gonna try to rememeber to weigh myself on sunday, and I'm gonna keep you guys updated. Stay tuned

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

music review: Carola

This might be a weird music review to some of you. But this is one of my fave CDs, so I thought that I might share this treasure with you all.

I love lullabies, and this CD is a collection of Scandtinavian (world?) lullabies, though some with religious overtones. I remember growing up with these songs, my mum used to sing these to me before bedtime when I was little. They still make me feel safe. Sometimes I wish someone still would tuck me in at night time, and sing me lullabies. hehe. That's why we have CDs like this, which bring some of that old comfort. Well atleast to me. If I ever have children I'll sing these songs to my children, even though I don't have a singing voice. But research shows that it helps children develope language earlier if you sing to them. (playing a CD don't have the same effect).

Happy national day Norway

Today it's Norway's national day. We got our own constitution on may 17th in 1814 so we'll have a big anniversary in 2014. I wonder what is gonna happen then :) Today I'm not celebrating at all because I have an exam to hand in tomorrow, and I have to prioritze (sp).  I can't wait to june the 11th them I'm done with exams for now. I'm really looking forward to have a life again lol

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lola's bookclub update

Hi Guys
I just thought I would updated you all on the bookclub. As you maybe remember this months book is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. If you haven't heard about this author before you should check her out. Her books is awesome (and no I'm not paid to say that).

This book is about a young amish girl who lives on a farm with her parents. She wakes up one morning and have painful stomach aches. She goes out to the barn, so that she won't wake up her parents. Because she lives on a farm, she knows what is gonna happen. She is giving birth. After a little while she gives birth to a baby boy, he's breathing and she can see that he's about to cry. She then gives him her finger to suck on so that he won't cry. She starts praying to God that he will fix the problem she have gotten herself in. She falls aleep, and when she wakes up the baby is gone. God answered her prayer.

The next morning the baby is found in the barn. Dead. The young amish is acused of murder. Why did she do it. Did she do it?

To find out the answer to that question you need to read the book :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pippa Middelton

One of the things the royal wedding introduced us to was Pippa Middelton. She is suddenly the new young IT girl. You can read about her everywhere. What she wears, who she is dating.

What do you think of Pippa Middelton? Do you think she is some sort of "one hit wonder" or is she gonna be a celebrity from now on?

Update: 10.05.11. Have you guys see the latest picture of Pippa on people? Somehow they make it seems like she is stripping, but it looks like she's just one the beach and having fun. Nothing wrong with the picture IMO

Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspired by Kate Middelton

Erin Kleinberg cotton tank top
$141 -

Blazer jacket
80 GBP -

Denim jeans
$52 -

Alexander mcqueen shoes
315 EUR -

Black shoulder bag
138 GBP -

Fringed shawl
179 EUR -

Ray Ban studded sunglass
$108 -

Lola's bookclub

I have had two unsuccessful takes on trying to make a bookclub in real life. Both of them started good but then slowly died. So now I have decided to try to make my very own online bookclub. Are you with me? This months book is Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. This is one of my favorite author ever. All her books is amazing. I've read this book twice, once on holiday in Thailand and once this spring.

What I love about Jodi Picoult's books is that they always is about a moral dilemma which seems unsolvable, or maybe to some easy to solve. But as you read the books you realise that the picture has many colors, and that it's not just black and white. I love discussing her books with other people who have read them because we all notice different things. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


DAY Birger et Mikkelsen top
129 EUR -

Chino pants
$75 -

Black ballet flat
$13 -

Leather satchel bag
$158 -

Brian Danielle blue topaz ring
$760 -

Fringe scarve
179 EUR -

Ray Ban aviator sunglass
$108 -

May already

I can't believe it's may already and time for exams. The weather here is thankfully better my that it's spring time.  That means less layers of clothes and generally more colors. This is a really busy month for me. I have to exams, I'm working more that normal (not studying but working) and I have one wedding to attend and two bachelorette parties. When this month is over I'm gonna be really happy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Butterfly tee
17 EUR -

Diamond butterfly earring
750 GBP -

Jennifer Zeuner butterfly jewelry
$240 -

Juicy couture bracelet
154 GBP -

Juicy couture necklace
$65 -

Fossil necklace
$58 -

FOSSIL shell earring
$28 -

Butterfly ring
$25 -

Sterling silver jewelry
$25 -

Gold butterfly earring
12 GBP -

Dorothy Perkins enamel ring
6.50 GBP -

Feather ring
$2.99 -

Dorothy Perkins butterfly hair accessory
6.50 GBP -

Morpho menelaus, Morpho Butterflies
$59 -

Fringe Studio Butterfly Coasters
$45 -