Monday, August 8, 2011

Honest post

It's time for one of my honest posts again. It's seems to be less and less frequence between them. As a lot of you probably know, I'm really worried about my future. We hear talk about financial crisis all the time, and I'm just graduated and in desperate need for a new job. There is NONE and I mean NONE jobs available in the entire country. I'm about to cry. I wonder why oh why I was so stupid to get myself a useless education. I keep questioning what I've been doing the last couple of years over and over again.

I find myself stuggle to find answers I wish there was a voice telling me what to do. I need that voice. I wish that it was like when you graduate from junior high you go to high school, like the path was all ready made for you. No question asked, no decision to be made... You might not love what was ahead of you, but you were safe. It was no reason to fear that you were the only one in the entire world (it feels like) who wasn't able to get to the next step, you just got there.

I know deep down in my heart that in the end everything will be ok, if it's not ok then it's not the end (my fave quote) but I just wish (Oh God how I wish) that things would be OK now. That I would have a job to go to next monday, not just any job but the dream job. I just wish I could have someone in my life now who I could share this difficult time with, but there is none. I feel like a black sheep because it seems like I could do nothing right.

I'm sorry for this negative post, I'm trying to stay positive and not spread my negativity to the rest of the world, but I just needed to vent.

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