Monday, February 21, 2011

movie review: the king's speech

Yesterday I was at the movies with two of my girlsfriends, we thought about seeing the movie black swan, but decided to see the movie the king's speech. I love Colin Firth. Especially in Bridget Jones. He's like the perfect mister Darcy. Who wouldn't want a guy like him? Please tell me who.. lol. That was one of the main reasons we decided to see this movie. We all love Colin Firth.

I hadn't heard that much about the movie or the theme of the movie before hand. I wonder what Buckingham Palace thought about this movie, and if they have approved of it's making.

This movie is about Queen Elizabeth's father (played by Colin Firth) who ends up being king of Britain, after his brother David abdicates because he wants to marry his girlfriend Wallis Simpsons, who had been married twice before. Because he was a king, that was out of the question, and his brother Albert became king instead. He called himself George as a king.

The problem was that Albert/George didn't want to become king, and he stuttered. And that's what this movie is about. I'm not gonna tell you more about the plot in the movie because that would ruin it all for you.

Both me and my two friends liked this movie. It have moments were you'll laugh, cry and smile. I tells a somewhat unknown story if the british royal family.  The women who was the reason David abdicated Wallis Simpson is often quoted and praised in fashion magazines. Apparently she wasn't that pretty, but she was stylish.

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