Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th 2012

Today is my last day of this summer. I can't believe it. The time flys by. I wish i has everything ready for the fall but unfortunately i don't. I don't know what kind of job i will have. As usually it worries me. I've decided to try to be proactive about it and not just let my worries Get the best of me. I'm writing this on my iPad and it's taking a while to write it as i'm not used to write on the iPad. If you some words which doesn't make sense that's also the reason.

Today i'm gong back to my appartment after being gone for 4 weeks. All my flowers are probably dead.

My wishlist for stuff just keeps growing. Know what i mean? I spent so much money in sweden and I won't get salary for about a month so I need to be money wise.

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