Tuesday, May 17, 2011

music review: Carola

This might be a weird music review to some of you. But this is one of my fave CDs, so I thought that I might share this treasure with you all.

I love lullabies, and this CD is a collection of Scandtinavian (world?) lullabies, though some with religious overtones. I remember growing up with these songs, my mum used to sing these to me before bedtime when I was little. They still make me feel safe. Sometimes I wish someone still would tuck me in at night time, and sing me lullabies. hehe. That's why we have CDs like this, which bring some of that old comfort. Well atleast to me. If I ever have children I'll sing these songs to my children, even though I don't have a singing voice. But research shows that it helps children develope language earlier if you sing to them. (playing a CD don't have the same effect).


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