Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You thought I wasn't gonna post more this week didn't you. To be honest with you I thought I wasn't gonna post more this week either, but I have the day off. Yay. So now I got time to post a review of an old CD I have. I have to admitt I'm one of those who still buys cd. I love having the actual thing. I download form itunes, but I prefer buying CDs.

So the review I'm gonna write for you is one of my old fave artists. Nelly Furtado. I love her first CDs, but I'm not a particular fan of her cd loose. I have to admitt I like the songs when they first came out, but it's not a cd I would listen to now a few years later.

It's weird about songs which is really popular at some point, like a number one or two on the charts. A lot of the time it becomes an instant fave, like an evergreen. But most of the time top songs on the chart you can not listen to after they fall from the charts, only for reminicing. You listen too much to the song when they first comes out, and you sort of kill the song.

Well well, now I've managed to talk my way way of topic. Sorry for that. Back to the subject. Nelly Furtado. The CD which I'm going to review is Nelly Furtado Folkelore.

This cd includes the 2004 Soccer World Cup song Forca.

It's a catching song, but not my fave.

My fave song is TRY.

This is a song which has really beautiful lyrics, and a soothing tune. The lyrics and the music blend perfect together.

The CD is a good one but not my fave Nelly Furtado one. I prefer her earliers work to her newer.

All in all *** stars

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