Monday, January 31, 2011

music review: Justin Timberlake.

yay finally a new music review. Today I thought it was appropriate to review an old Justin Timberlake CD, because today it's his birthday :)

I still remember when this CD first came out. I loved sexy back. I listened to it a lot, so much that I eventually grew tired of it. I haven't listened to the CD in a while, but I brought it back a few days ago. 

Here is the music video to sexy back: 

What do you think of it? 

I also loved the rest of the songs. Especially damn girl!. This was at a time when Timbaland was at his prime. I wish he would make music like he did at this time around. He sort of lost his mojo along the way. 
I can't wait for Justin Timberlakes new album. But I read somewhere that he hasn't anything planed yet because of his acting plans.

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