Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15 minutes workout a day project

As you all probably can see from the title I've decided to start a new project. Older readers have probably noticed that I do projects every once in a while. And I hardly ever succeed I have to admit. But I've decided to try a new project (once again). This project is called 15 minutes workout a day :) Like the name?

The rules.
1. I have to workout everyday ( yes including Saturday and Sunday)
2. By workout I mean that I need to become warm after the workout and I need to feel my heartrate go higher.
3. The workout has to last for at least 15 minutes.

Why a new project?
1. Because I hate my body at the moment
2. As almost everyone else I wanna lose weight
3. I've tried losing weight by controlling my food intake (doesn't work for me, only for a short period of time)
4. Working out is good for you?

Are you read for the challenge? Wanna join me in the new project I'm working on?

well then! Let's get started!

a song to get you started

The exercises :
1. If you're like me and unfit you should have a slow start.. Don't try to push yourself. (remember you're gonna do this tomorrow as well :) If you're doing the exercises at home you should start by "jogging" slowly by lifting your knees up to your tummy, while you lift your arms up.Do this for 30 seconds. After you've done this take a short break.

2. Pretend that you're jumping a rope (sp?) If you have a rope use that, but you don't need one. Do 20 jumps, and then a short break.

3. Starting to feel warmer? Good so am I.. Remember don't over do your exercise this is just the beginning. For the third exercises we're gonna work on our arms. We don't wanna use weights or anything like that (we're beginners) but since we're bookworms lets incorporate books. Take a book in each hand, but not a paperback, hold against your thighs and lift it away from you. Do this repetition for 15 times. It sounds really easy, but because of the repetitions it's harder than it sounds.

4. We also need some exercises for our thighs and hips. Separate your feet and bend down, with your hands on your hips. It's hard to explain this exercise, but you bend down kind of like your sitting down. Your back shouldn't bend, only your knees. Don't repeat for more than 10 times.

5. Last exercise for today. Sit ups. Do as many repetitions as you can manage.

Didn't this take 15 minutes for you? Repeat and stretch to the end. Good luck!

Please remember that I am in no way a professional. I am a very inexperienced "athlete", and this is just some of the exercises I do. They many not work for you, and you should always listen to the signals your body sends you.

If you wanna read more about my project, please comment. And come back next tuesday to read the second post about this new project of mine

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