Thursday, January 12, 2012

My prayer for the future

Dear Lord
These last couple of days you've seen that I've been anxious. I've worried about the future. Quite frankly Lord I've been worried about everything. Please help me with my worries. Please help me to accept that I can't be in controll of everything. Thank you Lord for giving me this opportinity to review my life. Thank you for giving me  the opportinity to focus on my faith. I need you Lord, but somehow you seem so far away. I can't quite hear you the way I want to, or the way I feel I need to. We're probably back to my need to be in controll or atleast knowing that someone else is in controll of the matters. Help me to trust you 100% Lord. Help me to believe that no matter what happens in my life it is your way and its a blessing for me. Help me Lord to see that everything I want for myself isn't always good for me. Help me be thankful for my problems Lord, you know it isn't easy, and I'm having a difficulty just saying the words.


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