Sunday, July 3, 2011

music review: Adele

It's been a while since I last reviewed a CD (an album?) I think I've blogged before about me buying Adele's new CD 21. It's an amazing album. I normally don't like this type of music  like Duffy or Amy Winehouse, but this CD I like. I haven't listned to it too much because I've been to busy lately. I hardly listens to music anymore, I wonder what's wrong with me. I always listens a lot to music, and love to spend my money on CD and downloads from Itunes. I think I'm one of the few people in the world who still buys CDs. I just love having the CD with the cover. If it's an artist I've been following for a few years (like bsb, lifehouse, dishwalla, shakira) I like to read who they thank, and who they want to present to the buyer with their cover. I was really shocked when I learned from a coworker that a lot of the people who came into a recordstore asks them to throw away the cover. Why og Why. For me the cover is an imporant part of the bargain. It's probably the most important reason as to why I still keep buying CDs, and not just download from Itunes.

One of the other thing which is important to me is the lyrics, if the lyrics don't make any sense (like they do a lot of the time these days don't you think?) I don't like the song as much as I've could've. I prefer songs with lyrics which literally speaks to me ( it's probably related to me liking books and movies with characters who I can relate to). So I'm again surprised when I hear people say that they don't pay that much attention to lyrics.. Despite lyrics being really important to me I love instrumental music is that an oxymoron? Resently the only music I've bought of itunes is classical and relaxing music. They moves me like no other music can (probably because I'm aging.. yikes)

With this in mind I didn't have much expectations for Adele's CD. The first think I wondered is why is her album called 21. I found the reason on wikipedia she was 21 years old at the time of the production (what an young age.. I sometimes wish I was in the early twenties again sigh...) I think she must've been a really mature 21 year old. Offcourse this is a entirely differently gengre but to compare her lyrics to what Beyonce or Britney sang about when they were 21, it's worlds apart. The gengre Adele have chosen makes her sound older than what she is, but it's suiting. In someone like you she even sings about marriage.

Someone like you is such a strong song. The lyrics is perfectly pronounced. I just hate when an singer just rushes through the lyrics so that the words blend into each other, and is probably one of the reasons why a lot of the time people think the lyrics is diffently from what they actually is. I also loves that it's just Adeles lyrics and a piano playing. In this song it's not just fancy production, but a beatiful song which is give a stronger voice because of the simple arrangements. You know that she really can sing when she doesn't have to hide behind computerized sounds and effects.

Even though I was a bit sceptical when I hear what type of music Adele makes, this album have really surprised me. The melodies are catching the lyrics deep. Adele is a talentet girl/woman, and I can't wait to see what she is gonna put out there in the future. Good luck Adele.

Adele singing someone like you in her home

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