Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter holiday

Today is the last day of my Easter holiday. It's gonna be lovely actually when regular life starts again (sorry guys). But the stores have been closed for the last couple of days here, and I wanna go out and buy food. Today I've been having a The O.C marathon. Right now I'm watching A night out with the bsb. I love that dvd. You should get if you don't have it. The music is accustic and the boys sings a bit acappella. I love the music in a different form. I think that if we're honest with ourself these days, not all backstreet music rocks anymore. But this video is still amazing and it shows what a group of talented singers they really are. I wish they would do a a night out with bsb part II. I don't understand why they have left so many of their songs in the dustbin, and kept some which should be retired a long time ago. 10 000 promises is amazing and so is If I don't have you.

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